Fox Valley Women Shooters club is a member of the National Rifle Association and WI-FORCE,
the Wisconsin chartered state association of the NRA.
Our Mission
To engage women in firearm safety and shooting
sports through educational and social activities with
other women shooters.
- Provide an environment that is supportive of the
development of women's shooting knowledge and

- Promote the mentality and attitude that  
consistently demonstrates firearm safety.

- Serve as a source of information related to firearm
safety, equipment, training and events.

- Provide social and recreational shooting activities.

- Collaborate with community organizations to
promote gun safety education.

- Seek grant funding and sponsorships to develop,
support, and maintain women's shooting-related
educational and recreational needs in the Fox
Valley Area.
That women and girls in the Fox Valley area will
have the opportunity to be introduced to, mentored
into, and assisted with, learning safe shooting
practices while participating in shooting activities as
a means to lifelong shooting enjoyment.
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